Renee Reina is the mom friend you’ve always wanted. She is extremely relatable and finds the humour in everything about being a mom – the good, the bad, and the ugly. She isn’t a parenting expert — she’s just a girl, with a PhD in psychology, who had a baby and decided it was time to stir sh*t up in the mom community. She isn’t afraid to dive into topics that no one else wants to talk about. You can expect topics like “it’s okay to refuse visitors after giving birth”, “momposter syndrome”, “mom guilt”, “postpartum anxiety”, “is it okay to fix your baby’s unibrow?”, “#blessed social media moms”, and educational episodes with professionals in areas such as speech language pathology, pelvic floor physiotherapy, behaviour therapy, sleep, and more! 

Each episode is sure to be entertaining, honest, and informative!

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Cassandra Lane is the author of We Are Bridges, a family memoir that reimagines the life of her great-grandparents Mary and Burt Bridges. In 1904 Burt was racially murdered by white men in Mississippi. Cassandra tells us why it’s so important to dive into our own family history and have open conversations with grandparents and great-grandparents. Many families consider themselves close but avoid the hard conversations about their history and tragic events that may have occured. You are going to want to call some family members after this one!

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Renee Reina is
The mom friend you’ve always wanted


I love the mom room podcast. I’m not even a mom yet and somehow I can relate so much! And not only that there are so many things I learn that when she talks about them I think “ok this is something I’m definitely going to do when I have kids” LOL 🤣 love her sm she’s just genuine af and hella funny! Mom or not her podcast are for everyone ❤️
salwazaidiiiiHonest, funny af and relatable
I love how Renee shares such useful information without imposing it. It’s relaxing to just listen to her podcasts while breastfeeding and it takes pressure off my shoulders. This podcast has made me feel less alone during the days I was stuck at home with my baby. 🙂
OlaGouveiaSo relatable
I’m so happy I found your podcast. Honestly, my favourite thing to listen when I have time alone in the car. Makes me feel like I’m not alone! Thanks so much for just putting it out there and speaking the trying. You are hilarious and so relatable.
Annad08764367Relatable, honest, & hilarious
This is my favorite parenting podcast! It’s so relatable and Renee is funny and enjoyable to listen to. I appreciate the mixture of solo podcasts and interviews with other people. The topics are interesting and you can even learn a thing or two while listening.
jenkir86Fave podcast about all things parenting!
Most relatable podcast! I love how honest and raw Renee is. She often says what I’m thinking. It totally validates a lot of the things that I struggle with as a wife and mom.
Nancy MalliaBest podcast!
This podcast has saved my sanity many times. Renee always has great guest speakers on & even when she doesn’t have a guest, her solo episodes are so on point! She says exactly what every mom is thinking but some are too afraid to say out loud. It is so nice to have a mom who tells it like it is rather than sugar coats how hard mom life is!
PWalker09Best podcast for moms 🙌
Motivational mother indeed, she keeps it real and there is no butter coating in her podcasts. I believe her podcasts/stories are mentally healing to so many mothers who suffer on a daily basis, she is someone we all can relate to and not feel like we are doing something wrong. Thank you Renee!
bdp696She is the best!
This podcast is the best! So nice to hear a real canadian mom talk about real parenting/partner/life struggles. She is funny, thoughtful and intelligent. We need more non-judgemental moms sharing.. also follow her on IG or TikTok for more laughs. Her guests on the podcast are wonderful too, great conversations and very informative without being preachy or boring. 10/10 would recommend!
SillyerinMy favourite mom pod!